IonoSono Therapy

Introducing the Environ DF Machine
A Revolutionary Skincare Treatment
What is the DF Machine?
The Environ DF Machine is an innovative device designed exclusively for Environ skincare treatments. It harnesses the power of dual electro-sonic technology, combining Pulsed Iontophoresis and Low-Frequency Sonophoresis. These cutting-edge techniques facilitate the penetration of vitamins and serums into your skin, addressing your skin’s unique needs.
Who is it for?
The DF Machine is suitable for all skin types and can be seamlessly integrated into your regular facial treatment or as a targeted, stand-alone Active Vitamin Facial Treatment.
Benefits of DF Facial
Experience a carefully tailored treatment plan with the DF Machine, unlocking the optimal benefits of Environ Facial skincare products. These benefits include: 
• Minimizing lines and wrinkles
• Normalizing and improving collagen and elastin
• Diminishing pigmentation
• Enhancing acne healing
• Stimulating skin thickening
• Restoring elasticity and tone
• Achieving healthier, more vibrant skin
• Normalizing blood flow and oxygenation
• Reducing stretch marks
• Alleviating chickenpox and acne scars
• Combating cellulite
How Does It Work?
The DF Machine utilizes Environ products with potent Vitamin A and C, combined with Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis methods. This creative system enhances the absorption of these active vitamins and essential factors into your skin, bypassing the skin’s natural waterproof barrier.
• Iontophoresis: Involves electrical currents to facilitate vitamin penetration into the skin, resulting in visible improvements within just a few treatments.
• Sonophoresis: Utilizes sound waves, similar to those produced by dolphins, for enhanced penetration, particularly in limited areas like the upper lip, around the eyes, scar tissue, and pigmentation marks.
Both methods can be combined for intensive treatments, aiming to stimulate skin thickening, improve collagen and elastin, control pigment production, normalize blood flow, and ensure proper skin oxygenation.
How Long Does It Take?
For optimal results, we recommend a minimum course of six DF Treatments, every four to six weeks.
Unlock the potential of advanced technology and embrace the luxurious benefits of the Environ DF Machine. Farewell to ordinary skincare routines and welcome a new era of nourishment and rejuvenation for your skin.
Did you know?
✨ Just twenty minutes of pulsed iontophoresis with the DF Machine is equivalent to seven hours of massage.
✨ Only five minutes of low-frequency sonophoresis with the DF Machine is equivalent to a staggering 700 hours of massage.
Experience the transformative power of Environ’s potent vitamin therapy, and prepare to witness remarkable changes in your skin’s appearance.