Laurel Masks

Each of the Laurel Skin Masks are formulated to treat a specific set of skin concerns and are in a raw, dry, and powdered form. Providing our Masks in powdered form is the best possible way to protect the oil and water-soluble plant nutrients from oxidation and metabolic breakdown, keeping the phytonutrients as potent as possible. We even do our own plant powdering in-house to ensure optimal freshness and potency, which isn’t something we’ve seen elsewhere in the industry.

Our Treatment Masks are activated by mixing them with water before each use. Beneficial flavonoids, saccharides, minerals, tannins, acids, and enzymes release from the plants and are then immediately bioavailable for the skin. All the nutrient-dense plants in our Masks are considered prebiotics and provide food for diverse and healthy skin flora. Additionally, our powdered formulas do not require preservation, which is something we avoid whenever possible to better support the health of the skin’s microbiome.